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• Never Let Go • | by 98 Degrees
I never imagined a dream so clear
Until the day that you came in
You open my eyes bright in all of my days
You changed my life in so many ways
Without you in my life everything's just blue
Now that you're at my side
I know there's one thing's true

I'll never let go of the one who loves me so
I'll never let go of the one who believes in me
I'll stay by your side until the end of time

And I'll never let you, let you go
I never thought that I find love just like this
So many feelings all wrapped up in a kiss
Showing me sunsets in such heavenly skys
With your precious smile and one look in your eyes
This feeling that I have inside I'll never let it go

Now that you're in my life I want the world to know
I'll never mistreat you, I'll never cause you any pain
I'll always protect you, be your shelter from the rain
You don't have to worry, no you don't have to fear

Cause I'll be with you right by your side Yes I'll always be near
Yes I'll always be near
you should know that I love you so much baby
And I'll never let you, let you go
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