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Release Date: 12 Sep 2006
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3 Star(s), by king on 24 August 2006
well, one of ganrd hustle team memeber young dro. "best thang smokin" isnt too bad of an album. if you like t.i. then this album is for you. however the album does have some strong points to it. with the opening track."they dont really know bout dro". young dro has some pretty hot lines on it such as "first i let mah chain glow/ya'll know how it go then i put it in mah rims/now i'm riding rainbow/" another hot track is something everyone can get use to "we lied" where dro is talking about the releationship with him and his girlfriend, the couple struggle on talkin about them not needing eachother,but still know they're close to each other. a personal favourite of mine. the other banger is called "what it is" dro throughout the album has some weak points but comes back with this hot track with lines such as "come and talk with me before i open this cavaty/ i told ya i dont play with lil boys/what ya tryin to do micheal jackson me?!" other tracks are shoulder lean featuring grand hustle leader t.i. as we all know this track and what its all about. "hear me cry" one of the best tracks ont he album, dro talks some real sh!t on this track,take a good listen. "rubberband banks" dro steps it up with some nice punchlines and wordplay, nice hook(very catchy)."my girl" not too bad of a track, not one of my fav's but still should give it a listen, once again this track has t.i. on it."u dont see me" hot track along side slim thug spits on this track. over all the album is very good, takes time to grow on you... i gave this album 3 stars because i fail to understand what dro is saying, he tends to mumble on some tracks and i cant seem to make out some of his words,other than that its something to purchase.

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