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• Do It for Me Now • | by Angels And Airwaves
It's a frightening night, and the wind has a roar.
It seeps through the hall, and from under the door,
Like the shit that was said. Can't take it that well.
I give and I give and I give and I give and im still-

Lost and hurting from this, from the love thatís been starved.
I know I got close, but Iím sure itís too far,
From the point of suspense; we know it should be,
The end of the part, of our favorite movie-

When the guy grabs the girl, and gives her his hand,
Says take me away from this torturous land,
'Cause the grave is set up, the hole that I dug.
I gave and I gave and I gave and I gave you my trust.

Like the time that we kissed, and you gave me a lie.
To add to the scene; you pretended to cry.
But I'm here and I'm cool, the way that it is.
Just give me a chance, and I'll try to forgive.

And I don't know and I can't guess,
If we're gonna' be okay, but now, my last wish,
Is that you do this with me.
Kiss me here, and hold my hand.
Let me feel like Iím the only one.
I know you can. Wonít you do it for me now?

I really had it with the rain and the tears.
The predictable storm that has come every year.
And it sneaks from the shore with the bat in its hand.
I'm trying, I'm trying, I'm trying, I'm trying. I can't.

You're a thief and a witch, but I love you to death.
You steal my heart and curse under your breath.
But the one thing that I will most willingly prove.
That when you are gone I'll be fine without you.

Now just hold on; hold on to me.
Hold on; hold on to me.
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