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• Set It Off • | by Audioslave
He was standing at the rock
Gathering the flock
And getting there with no directions
And underneath the arch
It turned into a march
And there he found the spark to
Set this fucker off

Set it off
Set it off now children
Set it right
Set it off
Set it off now children...All right
Set it off
Set it off now children
Set a fire
Set it off
Set it off now children

Suddenly a shot
Ripped into his heart
He lay in need of some attention
And there he played his card
Going into shock
The last thing that he said was
Set this fucker off


All right (x6)

Jesus at the back door
Everything is all right
All we need is some direction
Everytime the wind blows
Everything you dont know
Turns into a revelation
And it all adds up inside your head
Time is wasting


All right (x6)
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