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• Vitamin R (Leading Us Along) • | by Chevelle
Cover up or spread it out.
Turn around, had enough,
Pick and choose or pass it on.
Buying in, heading for
Suffer now or suffer then.
It's bad enough
I want the fear... need the fear

'Cause he's alone (he has become)
He's alone (he has become)

Well if they're making it, making it
Then they're pushing it, pushing it
And they're leading us along
The hassle of all the screaming fits
That panic makes remorse

After all, what's the point?
'Cause levitation is possible.
If you're a fly; achieved and gone
There's time for this and so much more.
It's typical - create a world
A special place of my design
To never cope or never care just use the key

'Cause he's alone (where have we gone)
He's alone (where have we gone)


Over and over a slave
Over and over a slave
Over and over a slave
Over and over a slave

(Chorus x2)
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