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• Future Is The Past • | by Chickenfoot
I said, oh, watching
Never heard it all
One by one, though I'd find
Melitng down
Soon I hit the ground
Up so fast
The future in the past

Oh, oh
The future's in the past, wooh
Oh yeah, hey

Well, I was think in it's the real thing
Broken like a mustang
We got everybody talkin
Yeah, they talkin
Well I got mine

I got a funky, funky feeling
Somewhere in the past
Still everyday believing
Oh, I'm believin
Saving the best the best for last
Saving the best for last
Saving the best for last

Ya- ya-ya-ya-ya
Ya- ya-ya-ya-ya

Hey, hey, hey

Yeah, come on
Come on
Future's in the past
I'm gonna listen
Life ain't 'bout no hurry
I'm gonna save
Come on, comeon
The future's in the past

Listen to my friend
Let sciend
Song that never ends, come on
Yeah, come one
The future in the past

We don't have to worry 'bout
We each make
Are melted by the sun, o
Come on
Come on

Future's in the past
Climb on the mount
Listen to the ma
Beside you and me

Come on
Come on
Future's in the past
Future is so pastuyeah
Come on

Future is the past, come on
Come on
Come on
Future is in the past come on
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