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• Peanut Butter & Jelly • | by Christina Milian
I'm feeling sexy
I'm feeling sexy

rock like this, rock like this
(repeat 12x)

(Verse 1:)
Saturday & I feel like letting it go
Sho 'nuff I got 'em all lined up in a row
Sunset come & I'm coming to
Now I see you rockin' baby so I'm rocking with you (ahh)
Shout out but I just aint loud enough
I'm trying to touch ya but I can't get close enough
Cross my legs now I'm flirting with you
Got a jones in my bones that's jumping for you (ohhh)
I know you like I'ma give to you
Hooked on the feeling that you putting me through
Taste you can't get enough
Sweetness comes get my love

(Uh Ohh)
It's like Peanut Butter & Jelly
(repeat 3x)
Stickin to me so sweet on you
(Uh Ohh)
It's like Peanut Butter & Jelly
(repeat 3x)
Rockin' with me rockin' with you

(Verse 2:)
So coolie while you rockin this party hottie
When you leavin think I'm leavin' with you
Let me know what you wanna do
Got my heart beatin' fast & it's beatin' for you
(Ohh) You got the rhythm cuz you feelin' da beat
Tricks up your sleeve just show them to me
(And I know you want to)
Show it to me give it to me
All my ladies work it like this
Gotta show'em what our workin with
All my ladies work it like this
Gotta show'em what you workin with


(ahh, ohh, ahh) Spoken: Oh I'm getting ready & I'm feelin it
(ahh, ohh, ahh) Spoken: Cuz I'ma rock like this
(repeat 2x)

(B Hook:)
All my ladies work it like this
Gotta show'em what your workin with
(Repeat 4x)


(B Hook x8)

(Bridge x2)
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