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• Ain't Got Time To Waste • | by Da Brat
so so def
hey shortie
how we do
hey shorite
im all about that paper dough
can you see me
you know yeah
as the clock keep ticking tick, tick gotta keep my vision bleary,
im in a hurry to get this paper dont worry im a dough chaser im
still living my dreams wheather its hustling, shaking and shuffling niggas around im getting more greater and its the gang shit that i aint seen yet
and its the gang niggas i aint meet yet
even though i been to paris and london and rome, japan, africa, bagdad amesterdam brought back a phat sack
and im rolling dem joints chrome flashing sparkling like gucci colins when i throw on that boostey
you niggas cant stop slobbing im a pretty young thug and its hotter than ever
fucking it up so i get paid to do stuff never when this cheddar at stake
im a chain billionaire blow a couple of millon some cars so my family and homies can ride like stars

(chorus x2)
im all about the money i dont know about you i got places i wanna go and things i wanna do gotta whole lotta living to do be4 i die and i aint got time to waste
honey yeah yeah

now understand me cause its not complex im yung and resteless with one life to
live so i cash cheques
im individually wrapped liked a fresh twinke so if i cream in the middle
nigga licky, licky,licky licky become sponge bob absorb me up
cant just polish this i demolish the flow niggaz astonished when i spit when im pissed i let it flow i can afford me a bentley without having to forge a signature or getting a nigga to co sign with me
i get bored quickly so i saw on the g4 to cali for more sticky gravey life
come hop on this tour with me lets get faded for life
i used to save up cookies they are brown even
but i got rid of the whole box and i didnt even turn the loot in' im shootin'its all cause of you lame ass butlers when i smirk if devils could talk mine would say fuck ya!

(chorus x2)

its so so def
how could the cans get droped
from the mansion to the high rise to the block we hot
i rock the white people the latinos and forgeiners
niggas cant see me when they cry i scratch out there corniers
im warning ya i was born a winner i scarecrowed off like that anna lotono
did right after she sang 'home in the weares' after the blizard thats when i came through with them frosted pieces was dripping like icicles
keep a few of dem precious VDSS next to my skin so with the best investment jems aint no second guessing its here
aint not question who the best is take a lesson from a bitch who is the goodie in years
never skooted in here got dem all in here
cause dirty money spin like clean money from da ATM dummy so when you done bummping your gumms theres a lot of dough to be made
you should get you sum before its too late
and you left wiv none
now its all bout the cash where ever it come from

(chorus x2)

honey if u hear me
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