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• Lyrical Molestation • | by Da Brat
(Man Talking)
They can only leave to live
the linguistic full metal jacket of the macular ballistic
Shooting off at the mouth without chap or blistics
I got hairs on my funk and I didn't flunk diaper rash
I'm hooked on phonics packing a vicious vocabulary
Malicious with malice and mayhem straight out of a p-funk dictionary
Give me the mic and watch me slay
Them those lame and illiterate poeticistics pisses me off ?
Be missing me with that shit putting your petty torched packaged
Pathetically in front of me I suppress
I'll rest of the best of MCs regularly

(Da Brat)
In the beginning I was bout it slid in and we write it
This shit deplace yall bitches wouldn't even thinking bout hit
Heads flipped shittin' hard on niggas
With a name like Brat exotic cars and large bank figures
A high rank nigga shop squat taker
Maker of some hot shit lose
Makin' it hard for all yall bitches to move around like moose
Truth whateva touch come through in a clutch
Bitch beat me never heard of such niggas say I'm just too much
consisted dollar clocker sippin a daily vodka
Private chopper live and die hip hopper
With the platinum touch that's what the fuck up
And I ain't tryna pack and slack shit I'm tryna pack and stack shit
To continue to make phat shit

"And niggas know..the lyrical molestin is takin place" -> Biggie
And when Da Brat is in your area your shit ain't safe
To live my whole life lavish I lust plus crushin'
Competitions a must everytime I bust (repeat 2X)

(Da Brat)
I'm livin' in high times with a lifeline when the sun don't shine often
Taught the bandits' testimy was to never let no nigga see me soften
Coughin' up liph in the morning from choking on dank daily
Beware my attitude shady pay me and serenade this lady
Reach the possible limits no gimmick lyrics
Livin' trife and lavish Ms. Harris with 25 karats
To cherish the iced out ouster perpetual roll
the swish and burn it slow cats me know
Never fishin' for roaches or smokin' the hocus pocus
Once I was the brokest bitch now I bought the dopest shit
The poker Chips get place on the misses with ?
To shoot hits Chi town's windy city creeper weed keeper
Redrumming niggas like the shining when the molestation begins


(Da Brat:)
If you consider yourself to be a competitor
the object of the game is to bury ya
Get the cheddar the mo' the merrier 312 the area
Prepare for my brigade to stay paid and obligated
To knock off niggas in ways you only saw take place in animation
Your expiration date is pass due you copied off this shit
To last you to infinity finna be multimillion in a minute
Only solo hope to do more than your average bitch
Making niggas sick and having fifth watchin me push the big six
Admit it I'm da type to get addicted to like China
why you fucking wit pure dough
Tonight's da night we all get high niggas know Brat take without askin
Leaving everlasting gashes on you bastards
lyrical assassin and niggas know

(Man Talking)
Therefore this rap redemption introdention of competition
made some motherfucker before the first admission
Gets to a centamout and I sipped fout
Rhyming at infinite and my pee in the fountain
Then I claw clutchin the cliff cuz I gotta get higher into the mantic
Or nabs' sucker geezees going crazy hacking or channel fool
All the slackin' rappers I pack I pack a bag
I travel to the peninsula with the posy I peep over the edge
Drop a rock over your head as you leaving up the ledge
To lead on leaving your mink on untangling your mic chord
You mighta woulda been better in battling your ? is bogus silly pose it
Putting your petty torched packaged pathetically In front of me
I suppress I'll rest of the best of MCs regularly
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