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• Gots to Go • | by David Banner
Aint no tellin where i might be
i got places to go, and people to see
aint no tellin where i end up
i got shows to rock and hoes to fuck
aint no tellin where i might go
coast to coast or just next door
but..i gots to go.

roll up on the tour bus, smokin a blunt
then heard a duh duh duh duh
what chya baby mama want?
nothin but good fuckin, dick suckin, train runnin
she lickin on my nuts, cocked to her ear
she hear me cummin
watchin me go, she swallowed cum, you kissed the hoe
tongue and lip ooh! man you really lickin my ball
"heard you fucked my baby mama last night?"
"nigga, no." but she did bring me no seeds, sticks oh
im lyin when come over cot lyin in her draws
nigga all off in her draws, and thats your baby mother
if it makes u feel better shes a good dick succkkker.


(verse 2:)

my job takes me outta town, all expense paid
wakin up with a hangover two thousand miles away
its seems easy..weed, women, and wine
four hours of sleep is all u get
now its time to tally hoe to the show
"ayy yo yo let it go"
bust through the door, rockin dro and grab a hoe
and get back in the van with some titties in hand
let her meet ur new friend who's willing to spend
the whole night, another flight, another gig, another city
touchin on somebodys baby mama's titties
niggas in the lobby, wonderin where their women are
third floor having a lesbian bitch seminar
cant get attached, i have a plane to catch
i wish i coulda hit that, but ill be back
"yo aint no tellin where im gonna be at, but you know..i gotta go"


(verse 3:)

yeaa its the game of the chili circuit
i might tendin in it
im paperchasin and rappin but it aint no symonym
my money aint a game so i aint worried bout winnin it
im worried about makin it, stackin it and spendin it
aint no pretending it dont make no world move
same way u cant pretend my shit dont make ur girl groove
see god work in mysterious ways, but i dont
and the devil will make a deal wit yo ass, but i wont
now you can have the cleanest paint job on ur truck
6 TVs, wood with leather seats stitched and tucked
the biggest chrome rims playa i dont give a fuck
if i holla at ur bitch, guarenteed she gettin fucked
you can yell and you can scream, and you can fuss and u can fight
like its the worst night of your life
to me its just another night
i aint carin bout ur drama, or breakin up ur home
you just a joke for the crew and material for a song mayne

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