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• Mississippi • | by David Banner
(Intro- David Banner)

Know What I'm Talkin Bout
Mississippi mothafucka,
Newton County
what i live and die for(Scott County)
Ball for da kids(Simpson County)
Know what im talkin bout
Niggas out here flashin and ballin and shit(lincoln County)
know what im talikin bout
im supposed to be so hard
fuckin rebel flags still flyin(whats dis shit)
fuck em
some hoes

(Chorus 2x)
We From A Place
Where Dem Boys Still Pimpin Them Hoes
We From A Place
Cadillacs Still Ridin On Vogues
We From A Place
Where My Soul Still Dont Feel Free
Where A Flag Means More Than Me(IN MISSISSIPPI)

(Verse 1 David Banner)
Still ridin cadillacs
still bump in the back
mothafuckas talk shit but we still in the hood
mississippi in this thang
pinky rang in my hand
peanut butta top(lovin wood)
crackas only come to buy crack
and cracka cops only come to bust niggas who sell that
We From A Place Where Dey Scream
We From A Place Where Dey Still
We From A Place Where Yo Grandmama still showin you love
and we still eatin chicken in the club bitch

(Chorus 2x)

(Verse 2- David Banner)
We From A Place
Where mega evers live and mega evers died
We From A Place
What we chokin on sticky green to get high
We From A Place
Where ya used to come in the summatime
now yall dont mention us in ya rhyme we kin folk
ya we broke
some talk wit a drawl but bitch we ball
runnin through wit two techs screamin FUCK ALL YALL
We From A Place
where da rebel flag still aint burnin
new schools but the black kids still aint learnin BOUT SHIT
but hit da streets and learn to pimp on a bitch
FIVE-O aw shit throw yo crack in the ditch
and yall nigga run yall nigga run
like forrest gump
they got pumps
and them crooked cops love to dump
in mississippi

(Chorus 2x)

crooked letter crooked letter
oh mississippi
mississippi ohh
wave ya hands from side to side
represent where you from
you dont want none
da place were from
say 601

(David Banner)
Hell yea mississippi you kno wut im talkin bout
da home of da blues
da dirtiest part of da south
you kno wut im talkin bout
the place where u get dem fish and dem criss muhfucka
you kno wut im talkin bout
delta muhfucka
cotton you kno wut im talkin bout
we bout to free da slaves nigga
where yo grandmama from nigga
yo ol one generation moved away slave ass booty fuck ass gank ass punk ass BITCH haha
now come on home get u somethin to eat
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