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• My Lord • | by David Banner
In this biatch
Hit that
Iím fucked up
All the soldiers stand upÖmy lordÖÖÖÖ
My lordÖÖ

My lord Iím losing my soul and my mind the devil creeping cause I keep on falliní behind
My lord Iím losing my soul and my mind the devil creeping cause I keep on falliní behind
My lord Iím losing my soul hey, Iím losing my mind, my lord Iím losing my soul hey, Iím losing my mind.

This hennesey got me on my knees screaminí God please
let my people be free who fightiní off over seas
for a man who donít give a fuck who steals slaves
Jesus Iím tryiní to walk the path that you gave
Goiní down a new world order
got my boys on the corner tryiní to flip a quarter
Iím in the east coast
Iím tryiní to soak in this dirty ass water
and my ex girlfriend said I got a little daughter


I got more places where niggas wanna kill me fill me with slugs
I got some nothing they suck cause I donít give a fuck about nothing
mane Michelle died, a nigga cried and I let it go
I gives a fuck about a hoe
give me dough my nuda my acres
bustiní at you fakers killiní you quakers in the name of my maker
patty cake patty cake bakers
man give me land
Iím tryiní to live life in Gods plan man damn


Yea, searchiní the raggly tags for what Iím bout to ask
lord I be feeliní all alone and Iím goiní fast
another day in the high feeliní goody good
still the same ole weed mane itís understood
pop pop and gone in the wind victims of ghetto war
busted up and over seas what are we fightiní for
something busted in me pussy niggas trip
but I stay ready for you bitches with the extra clip
killas that live on the side so I get aim at fame
triple crossiní bosses they so quick to erase yoí name
grippiní the grains is a slide thatís goiní about my side
lord I hope I know Iím doiní wrong I know you still by my side
losiní my mind


Yea south side nigga ahhh
Shit what you talkiní about nigga
You know what Iím saying all the time nigga
Memphis 10, Mississippi
South side stand up you know what Iím talking bout
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