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• Fruity Pebbles • | by Dillinger Four
"A Song For Frank"

Now it's 33rd & Grand again
Johnny Powers stands fast at hand
With your laughter rolling around in my head

It begs wonder of what could have been?
A walking away or a message sent?
Well a message was sent

It's like happy hour's come and gone
But the jukebox keeps barreling on
Old 45's with skips in the song
Y'know it sounds alright
But sometimes what they say, it's true
There's really only so much one can go through
So I'm saving this seat for you
In case you're here tonight
But you're not here tonight

Fuck this, sick of thinking
Right now it's time for drinking
Yeah, I know you heard that rhyme before
I don't care, it means more
It means more right here
This fog that's settled in is dense
It's hard to shoot the breeze
In the present tense
I don't know what you meant
But yeah, a message was sent

And now last call's come and gone
And the jukebox clips the final song
But here I am still singing along
Because it just feels right
And the seat that I saved is still here
And I can picture your face so clear
Singing off-key into your beer
With me, here tonight
But you're not here tonight

Now I curse the incidental
That turns so sentimental
As I hum my little tune to the night

'Cause tonight I guess I'm drinking alone

And y'know I'd like to think
That, again, we'll share a drink
I just got to know it wont be tonight

But today I'm not drinking alone
Yeah, today I'm not singing alone
I know I'm never more singing alone
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