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• Minimum Wage Is a Gateway Drug • | by Dillinger Four
Yeah I'm stealing cigarettes
Selling them off to friends for rent
Plus a pay check and still in debt?
I'm asking how could it be?!
I know they know I'm beneath them
Even homeless assholes know my name
Now it's "urban flight" or cell for the night
Y'know it's all the same
One can tell themselves
About when "going gets rough"
Determination just ain't enough
When your over-time defines your life

This American me! (x2)

Tradition tells use home own
But the time card's saying no go
Now the suits are talking foreclose
From sea to shining sea
Time was a war time economy
Was a silver lining to tragedy
But even those with homes
Are now those alone
In the land of the free
I asked for nothing
And I got it in spades
Worked for a living and I earned a cage
They say I look old for my age

This American me! (x6)
(This American!) (x12)
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