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• Sex Appeal • | by Do Or Die feat. Twista, Johnny P
(Johnny P:) ooohhhhhhooo sex appeal

(AK 47:)
She got a walk to sassy
Approaching wit a dog that look like lassy
Tha lipstick and philly product got her lookin all classywit a tendecy to follow those
While just lookin at tha articals
Was u smelling my prada clothes
Sometime I trip off myself how I spit at these model hoeson a two way popin and dropin a conversation but I'm steady stagerin
From the remy that I had last week on madison
Tryin walk a straght line but I can't find a patteren girl
Put my drink on the floor
Cocked back my 9 and I opened it slow
Half breed chinesse still blinded by tha hash weed plus
The adassity to start stippin and moving her ass all next to me
Actully this s.e.x is testing my a double p.e.a.l and it sounds like her bodys call me but it might be the acolhol in me that sex appeal keep drawed to me

(Johnny P:)
Sex appeal
I'm talking about sex appeal
Sex appeal
Her body keep callin me
I'm talking about sex appeal
Wooohoo my oooo my

(Belo Zero:)
I'm fixen get high off dro
Run around from mr. po
Hey lil momma wanta come kick yo heel in tha back of my range rov
Wanta do what you did before
Don't trip cause you already know
C.o.m.e r.i.d.e with me belo
Last do it nice and slow
Cause you got way to go
Cause I don't pay for show
Cause I don't pay for show
You can grab your shit and go
Put on your shit let's role
Reconize ligit ture ballin
Streight stackin not fallin
And we your clubs
Chillin wit tha chief and tha thugs
And I got love for gigga boo
Pop chris for tha nigga's and bitchies too
Standin like ah statue

Come kick it wit my niggaz in a drop regal,
Do it wit twista in a caddy po pimp sequel,
Armani to tha club, pick up my boo muthafuka but first I gotta roll one for my people
Haters frontin when they saw us,the windy city night crawlers,
Who would imagine lyricals on a legacy thats legendary like (pause) rap-a-lot and the legit ballaz
Shit let the moe pop the drop the top ride like a summer time in the cha,
Get you blind to the ever blowin' line to the sky while I till I die tryin' to get by,
Lil miss lookin' tight in the gucci,wheather yes a hoochie,love the way the dookie jiggle when you walk,
Soundin' like pretty girl every time you talk,i know you allways make the fellas wanna break em off,
Hear me brotha, gotta try to get our free father, hit a lic and feed one another,cuz all we got is,each other
I'm takin' week after weekend to keep the flows that I freak what,pull up on a chick and spit game,
Let me show you how the backseat of a lexus feel,take a hit of x and chill,girl dressed to kill,
Whipping that sex appeal.
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