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• This New Day • | by Embrace
Look before you leap
And then you'll see what everybody sees
You'll see the other side is out of reach
And its nothing you can change
And everything won't work out in the end
You'll realise the world is not your friend
There's nothing that you've broken you can mend

On this new day I found my fate
You know you'd better look before you leap again
On this new day I found my place
You know you'd better look before you leap again

Stop before you rush
Before you try to make that final push
And know your best will never be enough
Its nothing you can change
And I will sit here watching as you chase
Knowing that its fools gold all the way
Saying you should leave it all to fate

Its up to you on this new day
All the seeds you've sown you should have thrown away
Nothing will grow; you're in the shade
And you will stay there alone

You've gotta fight these feelings
Beat these demons
Make them see it
See you mean it
Just keep breathing
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