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• Nothing & Everything • | by Evan & Jaron
Guess who came by
And asked about you last night
Asked if you were seeing someone else
It's no big thing
So how have you been doing
I'm kind of seeing someone new myself
Are you listening close enough to hear
Somewhere it changed
I'm falling back in
Now it's me who's calling you again
I hear myself go on and on
Hoping I'll accidentally make sense
Don't ask me now
What's on my mind
Maybe I just called to say hi
But I guess you can see
There are two things that I need
Nothing and everything
Do you still have
Those shoes I used to laugh at
Remember that night they turned your feet red
Is it too much
To tell you that I think of
The sound of those shoes falling by my bed
If you could read my mind
You'd see it clear


Hey I didn't mean
To take up your time
I know this sounds like a riddle
I'm hiding behind
But there's nothing I want more
Than to have everything
Like it used to be

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