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• Bad Religion • | by Godsmack
The word of God says that we will recieve the
praise of God, God will begin to speak forth
our rightcheness of him sayith the Lord.

Get Back!

Can you feel I'm not like you anymore?
I can't see, I can't breathe!
See you quiver like the dogs on the streets.
Looking down on as I beat you.

"It's a bad religion
From a broken nation.
It's a contradiction..."

And I can't take it anymore, Yeah!

Who's to say I won't like you anyway?
Take a deep breath I'm alive.
Can you hear me? I'm alive inside you.
Agony creeps up behind you.


And I can't take it any fuckin' way!


Can you feel it?
I've gotta live with it every day.
And I can't take the pressure,
I'm goin' insane. Now go away!
Go away!

Now you start praisin'God where ever you are
I dont care where you are, I dont care whats happing
just begin to praise God, begin to praise Him and
praise and praise him and praise and worship him and bless him.
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