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• Immune • | by Godsmack
Patience... is how I'm living today,
I lie before you, stressing me out again.
My life is twisted... twisted like your own brains.
I can't accept that, I can't accept that again.

"Yeah, face it.
No, try it.
Yeah, immune to what you are."

A superstition... jinxing me like the black cat inside you.
It's only what I crave.
A system breakdown...
Can you remember your name?
Did you forget you?
Did you forget your identity?


What's the matter with your own ways?
Why are you freakin' me out again?
What's the matter with your own mind?
You can't be yourself anymore when you're suckin' out my life from under me.



Face it...
Face it...
yeah, face it...
yeah, try-y-y-y-y-y...

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