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• Perfection • | by J-Shin
Oooooh, ooooooh, oooooh
Oh could it be you I see
Oh could it be you I see

Girl I like the way ya talk {i could listen for days}
And the sexy way ya walk {like your on a runway}
Ya got me thinkin to myself (oh could it be you)

One look
I was too cool, but then we made eye contact
I was on a mission to find out (oh could it be you)

I been lookin for that girl ima wife up
I been lookin for that girl ima ice up
Searchin all over for perfection
(oh could it be you)
Cuz ya body is bangin and you know it
With a smart mind to go wit it
And I been searchin all over for perfection
{oh could it be you}

Girl you can be the one (knock on wood)
Cuz I can take ya and meet mama (or to the hood)
Ya got me thinkin to myself, yeah (oh could it be you)

Got a perrty face, small waist, perrty toes
Lord knows what you can do in the bed
Thats right, thats what I said
You a bad motha, and ima shut my mouth
{oh could it be you}


I been lookin for the perfect selection, girl
Who could be the object of my affection, girl
The one who makes you wait and hate to have to wear protection
(oh could it be you)
But hey, what can ya say, at the end of the day

She's a number one I think, dolla bill, gold chain, superstar, whole thang, no playin, no game
She's a diamond without tryin to shine, yeah
{oh could it be you}


Ooooh, oooooh
Oh could it be you
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