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• Sexy American Girls • | by Jagged Edge
This song right here, this ain't no down South, up North, East Coast, West Coast song.
This ain't just for the hood, well, it is for the hood
C'mon...JE Y'all

Sexy American Girls gotta love it
So many flavors you can't find one you buggin'
Look around, pull ya game out
Find the right one and set it out
Sexy American Girls gotta love it
So many flavors you can't find one you buggin'
Got you now, tell ya boy how
Get you to the room show you bout the A town sexy

(Verse 1:)
Like em' thick, like em' tall, feel like I like em all, like em' straight from the A
But any city in the South, they know what I'm talkin' bout, got them girls all day
West Coast got the mamas, almost feel like the Bahamas, gotta love it in LA
New York on to Philly, Midwest got it really all over over USA, yeah


(Verse 2:)
Imma bring it back to the A, see Decatur's where I stay, Imma always rep it hard
And of course I like em' from all over but especially the ones that rep the boulevard
And see the thing about Atlanta, we got people from all over, you can really get a taste
It's like a big stew, really from the Lou got on a Philly, you just might find ya mate


Down South girls keep it sexy (Shawty)
Miami, Atlanta, Carolina, Alabama
New Orleans girls keep it sexy
Up top NY, NJ, MA,
Philly girls keep it sexy
Midwest, West Coast, Chi town, LA
Texas girls keep it sexy (VG)
Virginia, Arizona, know them girls from Hartford keep it sexy

White Girls too nah mean
Ladies just keep it sexy, keep it sexy, keep it sexy, keep it sexy

Yo, I dibbled and dabbled wit broads from the A to LA
Irregardless where they stay, they all respect what I say
I got one in Houston Texas, bring me a thing of that yay
Plus that bitch she on parole but hit the road anyway
I got one in Mississippi, I just call that bitch lil' gritty (why?)
Any plot and scheme to get the cream, please believe she wit it
I got one in Memphis Tenn like to put me on her friend
Take a blank wit the Henn and let the freak fest begin
I gotta yankee bitch, fat enough to break Hova
Make J-Lo look like she need a makeover
Plus she got Lebron James on the Range Rover
Black mixed with Puerto Rican so you know the game's over

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