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• Black Devil Car • | by Jamiroquai
I got a lot of juice, I need to put to use
Let's burn this highway down
I'm going from c to g
When it should be a to b
Nose so low it just scrapes the ground
Can't you see now, overtaken, all the while I'm salivating
Won't you let me, push a little thrust up you

(She loves) Riding around, in my black devil car
I can't hear a sound, because the foot is splashing down too hard
The vibrations cry, for a black devil heart
She wants me to stop, but she should've never let me start
She should've never let me start

Talking to all those pretty girls, that I'm meeting around the world
Her name was Geena, you should've seen her
She had the greenest eyes, and with those endless thighs
I put my hands through, some misdemeanors
Can't you see now, I'm not choosy
I drive a black machine and I think your groovy
Won't you let me, take a little ride with you

She's just a love machine, she's just a love machine (x2)
Ohh riding around, in my black devil car
You know, I can't hear a sound, in my black devil car
Baby, you know, you got some tight machine
Now let me drive your dream, till your tank is dry
I'm shooting from the hip, and I'm running out of clips
Reads of love licking high
Know she always be running free, hot free-wheeling honeybee
Won't you let me, push a little thrust up you, that's what I want to do


Dragged down, wrapped around, breaking up the speed limit
Grab ass, crazy lass, hope she's going to backhand us
Super-charged, evergreen, staring at my love machine
Dipping by, paralyzed, highways and the back streets
Easy riding, super flying, out of bound steel baby
High heel, shouting leer, blacked up on a light speed
Back up fluid, jam juice, now she's getting real loose
Can't stop, black heart, she should've never let me start
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