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• Hot Tequila Brown • | by Jamiroquai
How many times, can I mend
Watch the sun rise over his head
Without feeling free
How many words, will fail me in my negligence
To arrest, oh yes, this crazy part of me
How many fools, will I let
Unlock the door to my heart
When I know that, know that
They should've had the key
It's been so long, and the groove in my hearts nearly gone
Oh my heads in the clouds
But I'm landing on my feet

Don't shoot me down
The sun shining down, I'm hot tequila brown
Don't shoot me down
I'm stone cold, but I'm lying here in the
Sunshine shining down

How many lives, will I lose
On the bad lines, inside my mind
I think I've had enough
Don't shoot me down
All I want is to see my black eyes turn back to brown
Plus that rule become, I think I really must

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