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• Thunderchild • | by Jeff Wayne
Scattered out along the bay,
and I thought I heard her calling,
As the steamer pulled away,
The invaders must have seen them,
As across the coast they filed,
Standin' firm between them,
There lay Thunder Child!

Moving swiftly through the waters,
Cannons blazing as she came,
Sent a mighty metal warlord,
CRASHING down in sheets of flame,
Sensing victory was nearing,
Thinking fortune must have smiled,
People started cheering,
"Come on Thunderchild!"
"Come on thunderchi hi i-i-ild"

The martians released their black smoke,
but the ship sped on, cutting down one of the tripod figures. Instanty, the others raised
their heat rays,
and melted the thunderchild's valiant heart.

Lashing ropes and smashing timbers,
Flashing heat rays pierce the deck,
Dashing hopes for our deliverence,
As we watched the sinking wreck!,
With the smoke of battle clearing,
As degrading waves defiled,
Slowly dissapearing,
Farewell Thunderchild,
Slowly dissapearing,
Farewell thunderchild!
Farewell thunderchi-hi-i-i-ild,
Farewell thunder-----Child, chi, chi, child!
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