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• Feels Like • | by Jeremy Camp
I fail in every single way
But every time I hear you say
"Faithful one, come in to this place
The place of rest where you belong,"
I anticipate the final day when
I fall into your warm embrace,
With everything that Iíve been through
Nothing else compares

And it feels like,
All these tears are coming through,
When I think of everything you do
And it feels like all this joy is bleeding through,
When I think of seeing you

I complicate this very state of resting in what you create,
Nothing goes out your control,
Youíve given me this very soul,
You cared enough to take my place,
And have given me unending grace,
I know that you know every need thatís my security

All your ways are so mysterious never far your ear to hear us
Iíll never thirst from this drink that you give when you are near
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