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• Brighter Days • | by Jimmy Wayne
So the telephone keeps ringing
That don't mean there's nobody there
If you want to, just go on dreaming
When you wake up I'll be waiting here
So what's the story, morning glory
Don't let some stranger go and ruin your week
It's not that bad, you already have
More love than you'll ever need

Sooner or later the cloud's gonna break
Sun's gonna shine down on me and you
Don't worry 'bout the thunder we'll just run for cover
And stay there until it's through
So come on, hide away
As long as it takes
Just hold on, hold on, hold on
Keep holding on and on and on...
For brighter days

It's a sign of the change of the season
When birds they start to flyin' away
Think it's time you and I should be leaving
So hurry let's get out of the rain
Don't be crying, sweet dandelion
Just let the wind take you wherever it blows
And don't be scared, I'll be waiting there
No matter how far you go

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