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• I'll Be That • | by Jimmy Wayne
Baby lay back
Dream out loud
Tell me the things you wish for and think about
You ain't gonna scare me
No I ain't gonna run
Come on and whisper your fantasies to me one by one
They may not be as crazy as you think

The sun in the morning , kissing your skin
A blanket of night that you're wrapped up in
Your lover, that one best friend
I'll be that, I'll be that
The one that'll stand and fight for you
A safe place you can run to
The truth in the words I do
I'll be that to you

I'll spend forever
Here in your arms
Learning your body language
Till I know it by heart
And I'll be beside you
Whatever you face
You see diamonds are made between a rock and a hard place
If you let me Baby I can be


The sky's not the limit cause there's footprints on the moon
Just think how far my love would go for you


I'll be that to you
Lay back baby
The sun in the morning, kissing your skin
The blanket you're wrapped up in
Oh I'll be that, I'll be that to you
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