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• I Won't Let Him Hurt You • | by Joe
Whoa, whoa, that's my word, that's my word, that's my word
Whoa, whoa, that's my word, that's my word, that's my word

(Verse 1:)
Let me apologize for his mistakes
The way he treated you was never how it should be
I came to offer you a change of pace
You won't regret it if you trust me
Take my love (take my love)
Don't refuse it (don't refuse it)
Give your heart (give your heart)
I won't abuse it (won't abuse it)
We can start as slow as you like
Here's a fresh start to a brand new life

Baby I Won't Let Him Hurt You
Let him hurt you again
And you know he didn't deserve you
You was too good for him
But a broken heart can mend and
Crying eyes can dry and
Hurt can turn to joy, just takes a little time
Baby I Won't Let Him Hurt You
That's my word, that's my word, that's my word

(Verse 2:)
(And I know) you had your share of trials
It's left you with some doubts
I understand it completely
(Did you know) that I been through it too
That's not to say that you
Won't have to work to believe me
Take my hand (take my hand)
That's the first step
Yes you can (yes you can)
Just let me help, cuz baby the plan
Is to dry your tears and tear down every wall of fear


(Verse 3:)
Darling one thing that I'll assure
You won't have to cry no more
Now I'm a man and I made mistakes
But your heart I will never break
Baby keep your guard, it's alright
Cuz' that will all come down tonight
I'll be your humility, my love is stronger than pride
And I'll be your truth in a world full of lies

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