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• Make You My Baby • | by Joe
Yo, i wanne talk about tonight, you know
What’s gonna happen, you and me, listen

I hear your body calling, baby, asking me
Girl you’re a prisoner, you need to be set free
Your body speaking words, that only my body can hear
I feel the time is right, because we’re alone up in here

You’re staring at me, as if you want me right now
Girl I know exactly what you need (I know what you need)
So many nights I’ve dreamed of laying you down
Because you’re a special lady,
And tonight I’m gonna be making you my baby

(Refrain: 4x)
Make you my baby
Make you my baby

Baby your voice is whispering, telling me to take control
Our hearts are beating fast, as we’re taking of our clothes
Girl I can feel the heat getting strong, I’m starting to sweat
Baby you and me; making history, sexually you’re staring at me


After tonight you’ll be
Baby a part of me
We’ll make history,
Baby sexually
Girl this chemistry
Last an eternity
Because you’re a special lady
And tonight I’m gonna be making you my baby

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