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• Longshot • | by John Fogerty
And I ainít no doctor and I ainít no nurse
Ainít gonna love you babe and nothiní could be worse
Ainít got no aristocrat a hanginí in my tree
So tell me little momma why you messiní with me

Looks like a lo-o-o-on-ng longshot baby
Lookiní like a lo-o-o-n-ngshot baby to me

I donít walk with the president I donít mess with the prime
Ainít got no big shots baby workiní for me overtime
I can see youíre sophisticated a with your goody two shoes
So tell me are youíre slumminí baby I got nothiní to lose


An I ainít no sinner and I ainít no saint.
Ainít no hipocrit baby Ďcept most every day
I ainít got no religion a-clouding up my brain
So tell me little mama, why you jumpiní my claim

(chorus x2)
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