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• Pretty Girl • | by Jon B
Your lips, your smile, your tenderness
The way you walk, I cant resist your style
When I sleep at night, I dream of you
I wake up wet, thinking of you
How can a man like me
Convince a girl like you
To be his lover and one and only
How can I make you see
That Im the one for you
Nobody does it like me

Hey pretty girl
Can I be your man tonight
Hey pretty mama
Can I sleep with you tonight

Your legs around my waist so tight
Ill slide down south to taste you right
How does a man like me
Seduce a girl like you
How can I make you my one and only
How can I make you scream
Theres no one else for you
Cause nobody does it like me


Theres a candle burning in my heart tonight
And the flame is full of my desire
And I cant help but desire you in my bed tonight
And Ill touch you in the places
Where no ones been before
And Ill kiss you in the places
Where men sometimes ignore
And Ill take you to a level
Youve never felt before
And though you wont understand it
Youll cry and ask for more

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