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• Who Likes Who • | by Jordan Pruitt
I hate when people do that
When you, like, hate each other
And you know she hates us.
Hi Brittney.
Hey Jord.
Oh my gosh...
Hey Caitlin, I have to tell you something.
I heard Conner was at the movies with Brittney.
No way...who'd you hear that from?
I heard it from Brian who heard it from Kip
Who heard it from Sarah, who got it from Brittney!
Wait so Brittney told Sarah who told Kip
Who told Brian, who told you?
Yeah, there's the bell, I'll talk to you later.

Jenny called me up and said she likes Johnny
But yesterday Johnny said (yo, I like Bonnie)
Bonnie likes Johnathan who's still missing me
Even though we all know he likes Tiffany

Vicky called me on a three way with Cici
And she told me Anthony likes Rissi
Allie's got another thing for Jeffrey
Which really bugs me cause she knew that
He left me

Who likes who
Every day it's someone new
The halls are filled with voices whispering
Who likes who
Doesn't matter if the rumor's true
All the fun is in the mystery...to me

I saw Connor at the movies with Brittney
When he shoulda been there with Whitney
So tonight I'm gonna hit up Steven
And let him know, Brittney's cheatin'

I was on myspace when Keegan dropped in
And he told me everybody's still talkin'
Stacy and Evan are together
This gossip goes on forever


He likes you and she likes him
You can call it a game that everybody wins
Moochi likes Chachi
Sarah likes Wit
And Kip like Lafawnduh
And Jimmy likes...Skip?

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