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• I Love It Loud • | by Kiss
Stand up, you don't have to be afraid,
Get down - love is like a hurricane
Street boy, no I never could be tamed, better believe it

Guilty 'til I'm proven innocent,
Whiplash, heavy metal accident
Rock on, I wanna be President, 'cos

I love it loud, I wanna hear it loud,
Right between the eyes
Loud, I wanna hear it loud,
I don't want to compromise
Turn it up, hungry for the medicine,
Two fisted to the very end
No more treated like aliens,
We're not gonna take it
No lies, no more alibis,

Turn it up, it's got me hypnotized
Rock on, I won't be tranquilized, 'cos

(chorus repeats x2)

Headlines jungle is the only rule,
Front page roar of the nation cool
Turn it up, this is my attitude, take it or leave it
Chorus repeats out (both lines 'I love it loud, ...')
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