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• Hot Shit • | by Lil Wayne & Juelz Santana
I Pull up in the middle of the hot block make the drop top play hop scotch on them hoes Lil wayne right from Kim corners cove choppers wake a niggas ass up like a morning show put me in the game and I see em callin audibles hearts beatin fast better work on yo cardio How you want it video,audio,cardio, body get mailed to ya gal eew,pussy ass niggas die slow don't yell, if I put it on the streets I bet it's gon sell , whats under that flo well it sure isn't nails just like I make money cracker Ima make bail, Im a libra and my sign is a scale, and if it don't measure up than a nigga gettin killed the smaller the car the bigger them rims, and a nigga so hot that I give a bitch chills and if she like coke than I give a bitch hills no stilletos and pumps 21 bumps 21 jump street if anyone jumps and once you hit the ground thats when everyone stomps perry ways you weigh everyone's drunk , so it's 21 jump street if anyone jumps the milli goes pow and the semi goes clap an itty bitty bullett will make a skinny nigga fat, hard body baby knockin everbody back and it's money over bitches not a penny hoe scat and a beat like that til the line goes flat but in the mean time I'm in the bent no hat thats no top if you didnt know that on them chrome sean johns wit the gut soles black...in fact yall can leave that be bitch IM BALLIN LIKE I GOT SCOUTS CHECKIN FOR ME yeah I'm on third base comin home wit tha paper I got a hunderd pounds comin home from Jamaica I cant think why my pipes so pink and I might be floatin but I will not sink WHEEZY
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