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• Safe • | by Miranda Lambert
Just like the fringe on my boots
You move with every step I take
You walk in front of me to make sure
That I don稚 fall and break my own heart
Cause with you I could never

Just like the leather on my saddle
We get prettier with time
Together in the weather
Shiny on the other side
Polished and changed for the better

With you I知 safe
With you I知 safe

I follow you just like a shadow
Only closer and
If you get tied and bound
I'll find a way to free your hands
I'll wash them clean
Of everything but me

Sometimes you might get thirsty
So I値l catch the rain
Just like the ice in your glass
I'll rattle when you need a drink
You値l never run dry of love or anything

I値l keep you safe
I値l keep you safe
I値l keep you safe

I keep a locket on my neck that holds your face
I値l spend forever making sure I can erase
Every tear you ever thought about crying

You make me feel like I知 the only girl in the whole wide world
I wanna hold you like a handful of diamonds and pearls
That I guard with my life or die trying

I値l keep you safe
I値l keep you safe
I値l keep you safe
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