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• No Easy Way Out • | by Ozzy Osbourne
Looking to the mirror
From the other side
Seeing her reflection
And it blows my mind
Trying to deny it
But the damage is done
I'll just run as always
But the race is run

You've got to tell me it's over now
I'm trapped inside of a dream
The crushing weight on my shoulders now
Is bearing down and it seems
There's just no easy way out
No easy way out

Read the daily fiction
Superman is dead
Crushing coins of silver
And the tainting lead
Then if you will fix
The Children of the past
I guess theirs' isn't welcome
Doesn't time move fast?


Night in the shadow of Man
This is the Dawn of the Dead
Don't let it live in your head
And then now as the Sabbath begins
It wakes your nightmare again
So run away if you can
So just run
Run as fast
As you can


Too late to tell me it's over now
I'm falling apart at the seams
No angel sits on my shoulder now
I hold my head and I scream
There's just no easy way out
No easy way out
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