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• Laichzeit • | by Rammstein
es ist Laichzeit

Er liebt den Hund oh Gott von oben
der Fisch jetzt mit der Zunge kobt
speit tote Milch dir ins Gesicht
ihn anzufassen wagst du nicht

Oberall Fischmilch es ist Laichzeit

Die Mutter hat das Meer geholt
die Schwestern haben keine Zeit
der Hund steht winkend am Gestade
der Fisch braucht seine Einsamkeit

[English Translation:]

He loves his mother
and from the side
he gives the fish to her
it sheds its skin before empty testicles
the old skin falls on the floor

He loves his sister
and from behind
the fish eats to the mouth
the gills still bloody from sucking
on the big red eyes

Spawning time
it is spawning time

He loves his dog
oh god from above
the fish now kisses with his tongue
he spits dead milk in your face
you don't dare to touch him

Spawning time
fishmilk everywhere
it is spawning time

The mother has been taken by the sea
Spawning time
the sisters don't have time
Spawning time
the dog waves from the shore
Spawning time
the fish needs his loneliness
Spawning time
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