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• Cool Thing • | by Rascal Flatts
We were wrapped up in a blanket
Red wine buzz kickin' in
A little Sarasota moonlight
Driftwood fire burnin'
She was on break from Ohio State
And I was down there sellin'
Parasail rides
Just another summer day
Till I strapped her in and
Watched her fly

Talk about a sunset
All I could see were purples
And reds
And her silhouette wavin' goodbye
She didn't come there lookin' for love
And the cool thing was
Neither did I and neither did I

She dipped down in the water
As I slowed down holdin' that line
Wet t-shirt on a two piece
We ditched that boat and
Hung outside
And we walked ankle deep in ocean
You know that place where
Footprints disappear
Just like that evenin' she drove away
It'll be burned in my mind for a
Million years

(Chorus x2)

Woo, Woo, Woo
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