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• Dry County Girl • | by Rascal Flatts
A tall drink of water in a cotton dress
That preacherís daughter, she sure is blessed
As sunlight passes through the fabric so soft
You can imagine what goes through my thoughts
She says there'll be time for all of that
When my dress is white and your suit is black

There's so many fish in the sea
And I know itís a great big world
But I couldnít help but fall in love so hard
For my dry county girl
For my dry county girl, yeah

Itís widely known that I have my flaws
While sheís the Joan of Arkansas
Her lips wonít touch the demon wine
But her eyes are full of pure moonshine
And I get drunk just holding her hand
I get high thinking I could be her man

(Repeat Chorus)

For my dry county girl
Lord, I fell so hard
For my dry county girl
For my dry county girl, yeah
Yeah, talking about my

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