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• Too Good Is True • | by Rascal Flatts
I guess itís cause and effect
Your heart and mine
The way that we connect
Keeps blowing my mind
There you go again, it never ends
What you do to me

That I have seen the light of day
Love is finally going my way
Is it too good to be true
Give me one more kiss, one more touch
Baby, I just canít get enough of you
This time, too good is true

All of a sudden
Iím not who I used to be
I had my heart locked
But you held the key
And you find a way, everyday
To show me even more

(Repeat Chorus)

Some people say weíre too good to be true
But they donít get to be loved by you

(Repeat Chorus)

Oh this time, too good is true
Yes it is, yeah
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