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• I Was Watching You • | by Rosanne Cash
Headlights on a Texas road
Hank Williams on the radio
Church wedding, they spent all they had
Now the deal is done to become Mom and Dad

And I was watching you from above
Cause long before life, there was love

See those little girls dressed like china dolls
All for one, then one by one they fall
High on a hill while the world passes by
You never came back, but I know you tried

ĎCause I was watching you from above
When it all falls apart, there is love

All those years to prove how much I care
I didnít know it, but you were always there
Till September when you slipped away
In the middle of my life on the longest day

Now I hear you say
Iíll be watching you from above
Cause long after life, there is love
Baby Iíll be watching you from above
Long after life, there is love.
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