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• Over And Over • | by Shalamar
A breath of fresh air, that's what you are to me, when I need that room to breathe you're part of me;
You're always right there,I look into your eyes and I see how hard it is to fight what's meant to be;
I'm giving in, can't fight a love so strong, girl don't stop keep it coming on and on ;
You're like sweet music to that same old song and the hook of love is all I hear;

Over and Over, I love you girl ,and I've yet to find someone to come close to you,
Over and over, you're my whole world

Hey girl I like the way you cover love's ground, shows you got stability and those
Fringe benefits,babe,keep me from sleep girl
Got to help each other fight temptation.
Have you ever noticed the games that people play tryin' to get next to love without gettin' involved,girl
Let's take it further. I'm talkin' all the way, and I'll show you love through ups and downs-ins and outs,
And baby over,
( No matter how many times a day, I'll never get enough of your love)
Over and over,
Over and over,(I tell you girl)

I need no more convincing, as far as I'm concerned you're all the woman I will ever need
When love is this good I could go on talking forever, but forever's just not enough time
To tell you over and over. (Oh I need you baby, I love you)
Over and over
Nobody does what you do to me over and over
Over and over( No matter how many times a day,I'll never get enough of your love)
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 Submitted by tjones122@yahoo.com
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 # 1 | johnnyboydotcc:

Just correcting the usual (your/you're) problem.

Thanks for doing the lyrics though ;-)

on 29 October 2010

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