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• Melt The Snow • | by Shayne Ward
Sometimes out my window
I notice that you've been crying over him..
And I wonder
Why you just don't
Kick him to the club instead of giving in..

You see love at first this summer time
That's when you think that everything's fine
No one ever thinks it's gonna end
But when things go wrong and winter comes
You're gonna need to run to some one
Left alone you'll just freeze up again
But you should know
When it gets too cold
You're not alone
I'll melt the snow

Some nights
I can hear you
Screaming on the phone over something that he did
And I wonder what can I do
To make you phone loud so you can let me in


I'll melt the snow.....

(chorus x2)
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 Submitted by Shivu
 Corrected by johnjohn0108
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 # 1 | Shivu:

Ummmm..I dnt knoe if thiz is the proper lyrics tho...but until the real lyrics is up just sing by this words..lolzz...XD
on 25 November 2007

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