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• Ashamed • | by Simon Webbe
Is there something wrong tonight, or am I being paranoid,
Guess I might have had a little too much to drink.
I wonder who sheís talking too, cos Iím about to act the fool,
I smell something cooking and I donít know what to think.

Whatís going on, I donít know whose right or wrong, Yeah
Tell me babe, it looks like youíve been crying
What did he say before he walked away
Maybe I was outta line thinking you were flirting with another guyÖ

I realise that we all can make mistakes
And Iíll do whatever it takes babe
(You know Iíd do anything for you)
I donít know if I could stand the pain
If youíd taken your love away babe
If you asked me now I guess I feel Ashamed

Ashamed, Ashamed, Ashamed

I didnít mean to cause a fight, cross my heart and hope to die
I guess Iím terrified of the thought of losing you
You say heís just a friend, but I donít think itís true
Once upon a time it would never have crossed my mind



Ashamed, Ashamed, Ashamed (repeat)

Chorus (repeat)
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