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• Unjustified • | by Simon Webbe
Good love, left me feeling kinda bad,
Riled up, after all the fun we had,
Put off, by your dirty meddliní
Ainít that long since,
I was your hootchie cootchie man,

But youíre getting off spreading dirty lies,
Ya' broke promise donít come as no surprise,
No, no, that ainít gonna bother me,
I ainít making a scene,

So have it your way,
But youíll pay the price,
You had ya chances,
Still got no answers,
No leaving with your head held high,
I ainít gonna run,
I ainít gonna fight,
So donít go making business,
When you ainít got no witness,
I guess you gotta let love lie,

So sad, turning on me like you did,
Cold cash, got you like a sedative,
Lifestyle, live the life of luxury,
While somehow, Iím sleeping with the enemy,

Youíll get none of that money making lies,
You canít bare to do better thinking twice,
If youíre taking me on, youíre doing it all wrong yeah,
And where díya get that attitude from?


I thought that I was seeing something else,
Something sweeter, nothing like the rest,
But you were trouble dressed as tenderness,
Cos this deception that you played on me,
Has left you where you didnít wanna be,
But donít come knockiní here for sympathy,


Yours were the words that I wonít forget,
Mine are the ones that I wonít regret,
Made me feel good and I told you that,
But you twist the knife when I turned my back,
You took a chance and you lost control,
Got little heart and you got no soul,
Guess all of these things, gotta let them lie,
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