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• Booty Got Swag • | by Soulja Boy
Her booty got swag (x4)
Now dip it down then roll with it (x2)
Her booty so big I can hang my chain form it (x2)
Dip it down then roll with it (x2)

(Verse 1:)
Dip it down to the ground then get it
Don't be scared girl get it (girl get it)
I'm good if you with it I'm with it
Souljaboytellem first (first) let's get it
She got a donk part 2 was happenin
New money and I got it from rappin
100 flips wrapped up in plastic
Shake it down can I grab it


(Verse 2:)
Mic check gucci bandana girl I see you in
Dem sandals you might be too much to handle souljaboy tv that's my channel
Break it down with it (x4)
Take it down with it (x4)


(Verse 3:)
Get downnn
Get it get it get it (x4)
Take it down to the ground
Get it get it get it (x4)
Shake somethin girl
Get it get it get it (x4)
Twerk (x5)

(chorus x2)

(fade away)
Get it get it get it (x8)
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