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• I Got It • | by T-Pain
[T-Pain (Pickes Up)] Hello?

[Girlfriend] Hey baby

[T-pain] Hey boo how u doin'?

[Girlfriend] I'm alright how u doin'?

[T-pain] I'm straight everything aight?

[Girlfriend] Uhmm...I guess?
[T-pain] What u mean ' guess'?

[Girlfriend] Hmm...nothing, just nothing

[T-pain] Why are u saying nothing when I know there's something?

[Girlfriend] Uhmm...I Uhmm..went to the doctor today

[T-pain] Okay...everything aight?

[Girlfriend] Uhmm...hmm.. not really

[T-pain] You pregnant?

[Girlfriend] No

[T-Pain, Laughs] What's it everything is great then

[Girlfriend] No, not really Uhmm..

[T-pain] Okay..

[Girlfriend] I was told that uhm..i have HIV

[T-Pain] You was told what?

[Girlfriend] I have HIV

[T-Pain] So you mean...u got something 'like' HIV

[Girlfriend] No..uhm..I have HIV

[T-pain] You mean to tell me...that u have the HIV virus?

[Girlfriend] Well..

[T-pain] Well?

[Girlfriend] It's just uhmm..HIV right now

[T-pain] It's just HIV...

[Girlfriend] I could uhm.. eventually...

[T-pain] U could eventually...

[Girlfriend] I have AIDS

[T-Pain] So u got something that would kill me?

[Girlfriend] It will kill us both..

[T-pain] I mean...what was u thinkin'?

[Girlfriend] What was I thinkin'?

[T-Pain] Yeah..what was u thinkin'?

[Girlfriend] I...(laughs) I don't know

[T-pain] And..

[Girlfriend] It was both of us

[T-pain] And this is funny to you because...?

[Girlfriend] Uhm..No...but you know I'm just...THEN you know..

[T-pain] (laughs)

[Girlfriend] Both of us

Tsss..you know what? I mean we just gotta do what we gotta do you know what..
I love u..and we just gon' make it work

[Girlfriend] I love u too boo..
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