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• I'm Sprung 2 • | by T-Pain feat. YoungBloodZ
Ohhh ohhh,
She got me doing what you won't do now your sprung and I told you, S-P-R-U-N-G.
NOw you see (now you see)

I'm sprung, how'd she get me got me doing things i'd never do, if you ain't been i'm telling you (you do, you do, you do, you do, you do) (do x8)

It's something bout you that's got me doing things I said I never do. And I can say i'm amazed, the way you put it on me, how you got me chasing you. And I can careless, I don't give a damn, cuz see you my ride or die, your a down ass bitch, who don't take no shit, keep it real for em and still look fly.

Real talk, imma tell ya'll (?) It aint yo face, and it aint yo hips (yo hips). It's how you roll my weed and lick them lips and when I dip shorty you don't even trip (don't trip). give me a rubberband for my ?, your a fly bitch, steppin' off my whip (my whip)I'm yo nigga we gonna like this and when the hook says you got me like that there, i'm sprung.

She got me doin' the dishes,
Anything she want for some kisses.
I'm cooking for her when she gets hungry,
All she doing is acting like she want me.
She cutting off all my homies,
Even all my other Ronnies.
She ain't even my main lady,
see she got me thinkin' about her lately.
Man she really don't deserve me,
All she want to do is hurt me.
So I gotta get away from her
But now i'm leaving quickly, before she come and try to get me, and i'm taking everything with me.
But it all comes down to her.

I'm sprung, now she got me
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