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• Keep Going • | by T-Pain
Keep going
They get me up in the morning
They give me reason to believe I'm here
For somebodie
For someone
They make me feel so joyus
Happyness ain't a word describe, what I feel
Like when I try to give it up
Sick and tired of all this stuff
They give me reason to
Keep goin
And goin
When I feel that I should quit
I keep goin
I never knew dis would happen
And if u knew bout my past you would see
It's a miracle
But u can see why I'm happy
Nobody wished dis for me
This was prayer
Where would I be with out them
And when try to give it up
Sick and tired of all this stuff
When I feel like it's enough
I keep goin
They give me reason to keep goin
And goin
And goin
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