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• Put It Down • | by T-Pain feat. Ray, Teddy Penderazdoun & Teddy Verseti
(Intro: T Pain)
Whats Up Girl.... What Took You Soo Long?
Stop Playin.... (Laughs)
Don't Worry About If I Carry Them Around B/C If I Didn't Have One You Would Be Mad
Don't Worry About That I Got That (Laughs)

(Verse 1:)
Ay Baby Give Me A Reason So I Can Touch Ya How I Want To
And Make Love To Ya How Them Other Lame Niggas Won't Do Go Girl What
You Gon Do I'm A Nappy Head But You Can Pull My Nappy Dreds If You Want To
Shawty Imma Put It On You And Make You Think You're The Girl I Be Singin All My Songs To
You Got Me Thinkin That Me And You Went To Drinkin And Went To Sippin On That Patrone
We Would Have Been Done Got It On Boo But For Now We Can Just Kiss And Chill You
Never Had Love Makin Like This For Real Come On Baby It's Just A Pill Now Take It Down
Slow Let Me Take It Down Low Let's Go So Now You Know It's Bout To Go Down Now Speed
It Up Baby You Can't Slow Down Now Tell Your Closet Freak She Can Come Out Now
Why You Think They Call Me Teddypenderass Down

Now I Know You Didn't Expect Me To Go Low Now You Know From The Top
To The Bottom Now That I Gotcha Imma Stick Stick Stick Ohh Stick Stick Stick Ooh Now I
Know You Didn't Expect Me To Just Turn Ya Round Spread It Out Put It Down From The
Top To The Bottom Now That I Got Cha Imma Stick Stick Stick Oooh Stick Stick Stick

(Verse 2:)
You Got A Nigga On Swole Like A T Pain Show In Tallahassee Never Put That
Ass On Hold Im Too Nasty Don't Never Underestimate T Pain You Should Have Known
When I Was Bitin On Your Belly Button Chain That You Bout To Receive Some Of That
Good Tongue Tongue Try To Tell Me Not To Do It Like You Don't Want None Tryin To Sit Up
In The Bed Tryin To Act All Calm Actin Like It Ain't Good Tryin To Hold That Cum But You
Know That I'm The Best You Know You [?] It's The First Ten Miutes And You
Ain't Felt Shit Yet I Got The Whips I Got The Chains I Got The Handcuffs Too But It Ain't
None Of That For Me I'm Bout To Handcuff You That's Some Freaky Shit I Keep Her Skeetin
Shit I Keep Her Lickin Shit Now Take Her Ass Back To The Church To That Preacher And
Deacon Shit Im Beatin It [?] Computer Love I Keep Deletin It Im Fuckin Up The Dresser
The Bed The Floor And The Sheets And Shit


What You Doin?
Take Ya Panites Off... Not That Fast Do It Slow Or You Goin To Kill Or Ruin The Mood
Move Ya Hand Let Me See

(Verse 3:)
Baby Girl Won't You Let A Nigga Slide In Them Guts My Little Man Wanna Hide
In Them Guts Imma Take My (Clock Ticking) Time In Them Guts And Baby Girl When I'm In
Them Guts You Aint Got To Worry Bout Your Man B/C I Bet He Cant Do It Like Me Nope Bet
He Cant Do It Like Me

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